STAR-996 催眠光線で支配されたお天気キャスター 市川まさみ


催眠光線で支配されたお天気キャスター 市川まさみ サンプル動画(MP4)


Egg of the weather caster on the press program, Ayako Eguchi (Masami Ichikawa). She aimed for a casters of a crowd, and Tanaka of AD also pledged to make a program with two people aiming for a director. Meanwhile, the director Suzuki, who had been driven by the stagnation of the audience rating, was going to set up his own news program on the program with hypnotic rays. A black trap that stops the way the newcomer casters full of dreams and hopes go. Complete control, shameful, virgin penetration.There are only major manufacturers, the setting of the stage is amazing, and the morning news program is reproduced. It is truly amusable to make AV that disrupts the weather casters while on TV. The contents are similar to the series so far, but it was fresh to see the rays of light become transparent human beings and seeing the private weather casters private. Is not a person who likes weather casters a satisfying work?


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