JUY-598 新人 元国際線キャビンアテンダント 羽田つばさ 30歳 AVDebut!


新人 元国際線キャビンアテンダント 羽田つばさ 30歳 AVDebut!! サンプル動画(MP4)


“This beautiful face, first class” Married woman milf No.1 manufacturer Jumbo newcomer discovered by Madonna, a former international cabin attendant’s wife «Haneda Tsubasa» exclusive debut! ! What is the reason why former CA appeared as knowledge and beauty that should not be related to AV! What? Kiss face, blowjob face, face face, everything is elegant and everything is jealous, Takamine flowers that everyone admires! ! It is terrible, if it takes off, it is slim but the super shinti is «all three production»!It is an actress who combines elegance and mature female. Former cabin attendant of 30 years old. I expect elegant yet sex appeal of adults to be perfect obscene, but in her case it is nice to have real feeling. The body is beautiful, the big buttocks and the waist do not accumulate. The reaction is also good enough erotic. Just a pant voice was big and it seemed to be a little worked. If you get accustomed and polish your erotic nature, you will be a good actress.


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