ADN-188 あなた、許して…。明里つむぎ


あなた、許して…。 淋しさを言い訳に 明里つむぎ サンプル動画(MP4)


Passing married couples’ passing each other. She decided to quit her job in order to increase her spending time with her husband. Her boss who noticed the desire to lurk in her heart pushed her on her loneliness she had just divorced and pull her sympathy. People who liked to be excitement turned out to be people who protect me … why does it make me feel ashamed and my heart breaking? I started to go to his apartment. To excuse me for being lonely, excuses will not pass you anymore.Anyway the skin is white and beautiful body and a slender actress. Kissing and tongue use were very erotic. Her beauty as a married woman stands out and exquisite acting. I was excited to capture the thick entanglement with an exquisite camera angle. The entire work is well organized, and the performance of each scene can be enjoyed well and it is full of praise.


ADN-188 参考画像

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